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Snazaroo facepaints and products

Welcome to Snazaroo online, a world of colour, inspiration, and above all, fun. Everything you need to Paint a Smile is at your fingertips, from the best in face painting products to inspirational, simple and easy to follow step-by-step guides. It’s no wonder Snazaroo is considered the “World’s Favourite Face Paint” by many!
Here at Snazaroo, we celebrate childhood and provide you with essentials for tapping into the joys of transformation and play. Spark your child’s imagination with a whimsical face painting look, from swash-buckling pirate to fairy princess to anything you or your little one can dream up. Your children will love turning into the character of their choice with the help of our vibrant face paints.
Start exploring the world of Snazaroo today!
We are passionate about face painting and hold our products to the highest standards of quality and safety. It’s this dedication to that makes Snazaroo the Number 1 choice of many parents, children, and professional face painters.
Snazaroo face paints are fragrance-free and specially-formulated to be gentle on the skin. However, we recommend that before you start, you swipe a small test area on the inside of the arm or elbow.
 At Snazaroo, we believe in making products which are 100% safe. Rest assured that Snazaroo face paints are classified as not hazardous to health or environment.
Snazaroo face paints are formulated to be paraben and fragrance-free and made of premium cosmetics ingredients. As a result, they are friendly to even the most delicate skin.
 All Snazaroo face paints are water-based, making them as easy to take off as they are a joy to put on! Simply remove with soap and warm water; there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers.
Please remember that due to the high pigment content some colours may stain.
 Looking for face painting inspiration? We provide a wide range of easy to follow step-by-step guides to spark your imagination. Simple, colourful, safe – get creative with our range of face paints today!

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